Unconventional Home

Unconventional Wisdom Jazz is the home of musician, trumpeter and band leader Bud Gordon.

Bud has worked in many varied musical situations and has added his musical expertise to Broadway shows, Big Band performances,  Small combo and Big Band Jazz, Funk and Salsa groups. Whether as a Soloist, in the lead, or as a reliable section mate, the music tells the tale.


Larry Koonse, Bud, Darryl Vandruff and Scott Colley at Mammoth (CA) Jazz Fest circa 1980
Larry Koonse, Bud, Darryl Vandruff and Scott Colley at Mammoth (CA) Jazz Fest circa 1980)

He was music director and horn section leader of Orquesta Sabroso, the Latin Salsa band co-founded with Dennis Bueno and Julio Garcia. Bud was an integral member of Phil Allen‘s Thin Air Jazz for its highly successful Colorado run. (Listen to Bud solo on Phil’s composition “Sneakin’ Up On Spring” here.) In addition, Bud has performed at numerous Musical Worship Services realized within a number of the great variety of Faiths found in Colorado Springs.

 Bud toured as Lead Trumpet with legendary Singer and Pianist Ray Charles in 1978/1979. Here’s “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'” from Austin City Limits with a fantastic band that included  Dr. James Polk, Tim Ouimette, Gerard Carelli, Dan Wilensky, Dan Marcus, Peter Turre and Johnny Coles.

Bud was also lucky enough to be there at the beginning of “The Ren & Stimpy Show” and can be heard here on The Muddy Mudskipper Theme from one of the first episodes of the ground breaking show.

In addition to the Bud Gordon Quartet and Sextet, TRAILERJAZZ, his big band duties, and other freelance work, Bud is proud to be a long-time member of The American Patriots Jazz Orchestra under the direction of legendary Gospel Music Pastor Doyle Combs.

Bud is working on a new project that will include classic, yet unconventional, material featuring various small groups (Quartet, Sextet, and More!) with Colorado’s finest musicians.